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Materials are the core elements of the dissertation and a must -have condition for the full content of the paper. Therefore, it is important for students to write the papers well.The following is a dissertation about the 20XX college entrance examination composition compiled by the composition fan network. For your reference, welcome to read!



20xx college entrance examination composition paper 1


The tender lotus is covered with powder, and summer bamboo is not gathered.If success is a newly opened lotus, then the rules are a pool of water underneath.


The museum brought cold dew, pine cypress showed Cangqing.If success is a tall pine, then the rules are a thick soil on the roots.


The long eagle hit the water, and the gull bird would Ling Yun.If success is a sailing ship, then the rules are a pair of wings on the body.


Remember the rules and keep in mind the unspeakable creed in life.


To host games for the Minzhong Middle School, the purpose of "winning the brave on the narrow road", and holding the bridge with each other, but making the game a "game".What we are ongoing to be ongoing is to show the strength of the twelve -year cold windows, rather than helping each other or even fraud, so that the exam will become meaningless.Some people in the society do not follow the rules and discipline.And all this is caused by some people trampled on the rules and the fraud.As Kant said: "There are two things in the world that can shock people's hearts, one is the moral standards deep in people's hearts, and the other is the brilliant starry sky above the head." Remember the unspeakable creeds in life, adhere to the insistence, adhere to itMoral, the starry sky is brilliant.


Remember the rules, social needs rules to regulate behavior.


"Chinese -style crossing the road" was fried some time ago.Regardless of whether the street lights are red or green, you can cross the road when you make enough people.This behavior that does not travel according to the rules not only causes inconvenience to others, but also irresponsible to itself, but also discredit the image of the Chinese people.Our "Chinese Dream" is to build a beautiful China, beauty in landscape, beauty in humanity, and beauty in a harmonious society.We must keep in mind the rules in our hearts, so that our society can reach the realm of "governance". In this way, our motherland will be bright in spring, and the clouds are steaming.


Remember the rules and rejuvenate the country's prosperity.


Even though we are a socialist country, we have occurred from illegal crimes, and severe punishment according to law is indispensable."Tiger flies fight together", which reflects the new generation of anti -corruption pictures of the new generation of leaders.With the development of the economy and the deterioration of the environment, the "ten -faced 'haze' ambush" made the ancient Chinese face dust, and it was imminent to build "ecological China".We must follow the laws of nature, so as to make the air fresher, the sky is more blue, and a bird's fragrance of birds.


The stars in the sky are running around their orbit, and the train on the ground must move along the laid rails, as well as such people.Without rules and rules, people's behavior is not divided into mistakes, and life lacks dependent orbit, such as taking off the wild horses, tragedy.


We need rules, keep in mind the rules in the hearts, and then the willow is dark and the spring flowers bloom.



20xx college entrance examination composition papers 2


After hard work, your own success is only 99 %. If you can win a win -win situation, there will be 100 % percentage.


The rise of great powers has a lot of opportunities, and competition is becoming more and more intense.Calm down and think about it, is the opponent in the game only the battle for you to die? Is the wall pushing the bridge and the success of the cooperation winning the game, why is it a greater victory?


The honey and honeybirds on the African prairie are a good partner. They often cooperate with each other to destroy the hive together.Wild bees often build nests on high trees, and honey is not easy to find it.After the keen honeybird found the honeycomb on the tree, it fanned his wings and made a "tap" sound.Honey birds leave beeswax.With a common goal, you and I can support each other.The honey borrowed a pair of wings before eating the honey, and the honeybird borrowed the strength to get beeswax.Naturally without wings afraid of something, he was born with no strength to be afraid, and embraced each other to achieve perfect.


When he was at a high position, he faced Lian Po's dissatisfaction when he was at a high position, saying: Today, the two tigers fight together.So for this, for this, I have a private hatred with the urgency of the country.Thousands of years of good words to be guilty, and since then, they have achieved the turn of the neck.Qin Guo was like a tiger and wolf, peeking at the wind of Zhao Guo, and he was able to embrace his opponents and turn Gan Ge into jade.Even though Lian Po has recklessness, with the opponent's openness, a smile is also a smile.How can Zhao Guo be able to fight against Qin? Lian Lian's heart.Thousands of years later, it was not only the unity of Qin State in the history of manned history. Sima Qian also recorded a win -win cooperation with a legend.


Lin Dan and Li Zongwei have been the most prosperous and peak confrontation in the feather world for more than 30 years. Lin Dan has a four -game winning streak against Li Zongwei. Li Zongwei has never won Lin Dan twice in a row.It is a great opponent.For Lin Dan, without Li Zongwei, the final field will never be perfect. Four years of sharpening is to defend.I believe that when Lin Dan wants to be lazy and not to train, Li Zongwei will definitely emerge in his head.Xie Xingfang will only tell Lin Dan that the rice is in the pot; Li Zongwei will remind Lin Dan that I am in the stadium.After the game, Lin Dan also entered the most familiar opponent's hug. Even if he won the championship, Li Zongwei was still his very respectful opponent.It is precisely because they cooperate with each other that they are even more shining on the field.


People and nature are proved to be a perfect ending.Come on, I turn around, you turn around, let you and I hug, win success together.



20xx college entrance examination composition thesis articles 3


The game is nothing more than a decision to divide the victory and defeat, rather than helping each other like the group of players in the material. Although both of them successfully walked through the Duguqiao, they have no victory and defeat.The meaning, so competition is the true meaning of the game.


Because of competition, the natural world has the gorgeous flowers, the toughness of the grass, the tall of the tree, the magnificent shore of the mountain and the broadness of the sea.


Lin Dan and Li Zongwei are one of the best characters on the feather stadium today. They finally relative to the two of them in many games. Looking at the fierce competition on the field, the two are not allowed to make each other. It is really difficult to imagine daily life.Among them, they are many good friends who have common hobbies.The interaction in the usual week does not affect the duel on the field, because they know the significance of the game is competition. Only by going all out to the game, letting yourself win is a respect for the game.The respect of opponents stems from such respect to them to treat the competition seriously and compete with each other, because the significance of the competition lies in competition.


In the last year of life in high school, I was busy watching almost all the games of "I'm a Singer", because I couldn't bear to give up a performance that shocked me.Among these singers, some are friends and some are cooperative relationships, but there are no reasons in the competition.Every time they choose songs, re -arranged. In order to pursue the perfect night to stay up all night, every singer has experienced it. Even Deng Ziqi, Zhang Yu, and "Power Train" have been trapped and sang their throats for excessive songs.EssenceI think it is precisely because every singer treats the competition seriously, so that every performance will make people look forward to, make people see new things, and shocking.It is precisely because they go all out to compete and make them more and more loved by the audience. They make the show become more and more popular, leaving the audience a lot of good memories.Therefore, competition makes the game meaningful, and the competition is perfect.


For our students, the test is the game.In the usual study and life, we help each other, study the knowledge we do n’t understand together, and help each other in weak subjects. But at this time, in the examination room, we are competing with each other.The best display is on the test papers, just to win this game, rather than deliberately hiding strength or paper passing, because we know that to complete this game with all our respect for the college entrance examination.


Because of competition, we will understand the warmth of the sun and the bright moon; because of competition, we know the clearness of the stream and the vastness of the river; because of competition, we will understand the flexibility of Pu Wei and the firmness of the rock.


Treat every game seriously and go all out to compete, because competition is the true meaning of the game.



1、议论文:议论文读音为yì lùn wén,是指以剖析﹑论证事物的本质和规律﹐提高读者理性认识为主要特征的一种文体。议论文 yì lùn wén词语解释:以剖析﹑论证事物的本质和规律﹐提高读者理性认识为主要特征的一种文体。分词解释:事物:指客观存在的一切物体和现象:任何事物都不是一成不变的。剖析:分析;辨析:剖析事理|仔细剖析。论证:证明中从论据到论题的推演。通过推理形式进行,有时是一系列推理形式。因此,论证必须遵守推理的规则。...议论文怎么造句,用议论文造句»

2、高考:高考读音为gāo kǎo,是指高等学校招收新生的考试:参加高考。高考 gāo kǎo词语意思:高等学校招收新生的考试:参加高考。分词解释:考试:通过书面或口头提问的方式,考查知识或技能。参加:1.交加。 2.加入某种组织或某种活动。 3.犹提出,表示。高等学校:大学、专门学院和高等专科学校的统称。简称高校。...高考怎么造句,用高考造句»

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