• My Holiday Plans

    Weve been busy working in the past three years. The summer holiday is coming and I want to do something interesting and relaxing. First of all, Im going to visit my grandparents because I havent been with them for a long time. Next, I plan...[详细]

  • Resource conservation initiative

    Hello, everyone! The whole world is short of energy. Saving the energy is very important. As a student, we can do a lot in our daily life. For example, we should keep the light off when we dont use it. We should take a shower instead of ba...[详细]

  • A Regretful Thing

    In the past three years, the life of middle school has impressed me deeply. Many stories happened. The following is one of them. Xiao Ming was one of my good friends. One day, a little thing caused a serious quarrel between us. From then o...[详细]

  • A Letter of Self-recommendation

    Dear Sir, When I got the news that some American students would come into Chinese families, I was very excited. So Im writing to you to see if I can have the chance to be one of the hosts. Im an active and outgoing boy who likes making fri...[详细]

  • A letter to my father

    Dear father, Fathers Day is coming. Id like to say something to you. You always work hard so that I can receive a better education and live a better life. You are strict with me in my study and help me with my homework. When I failed an ex...[详细]

  • I Am Not a Child Any More

    I have changed a lot during the past three years. I used to be weak and short. But now, I am strong and as tall as my father. The most important thing is that I have learned to care about others. It was a Wednesday evening. When I went bac...[详细]



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