How to apply for a job

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Recently many people begin to find jobs on internet. Instead of looking for a job in a personnel market or in the ads of newspapers or magazines a job hunter tends to look for a job on the Net. Because of its convenience, high success rate and more opportunities on the Internet In fact many people now resort to the way of hunting for jobs less depending upon the traditional way.

There are many advantages that people take advantage of this modern scientific and technological product—Internet. Firstly it's very convenient. A job seeker can look for a job without bothering to get recommendation or wasting time at an employment exchange. Secondly it's quite simple. A job hunter can get a job by simply clicking the ads online and sending one's resume through an E-mail. Lastly it's fair for everyone can utilize this modern means to win his or her opportunities even if one fails to find a job.

In a word with the increasing popularity of Internet I think this new way of hunting for jobs will win favor among many job hunters in China.

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