I became an ultraman

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Somehow, I suddenly fell into a dream, a kind voice, children, would you like to be an oort soldier for the people. I thought about it. Immediately overjoyed, I hurriedly said, good good, I want to be a warrior, especially children need you in the distance, I suddenly turn to another world, I have a change. I was so happy that I pressed the button.

Suddenly I got bigger and got better. I see the monsters in front of me, brother mora, trash, blow in the past, I hit the monster, ah, bellow a voice, I hurriedly pulled out his hand, I hit him, he like to play on the iron plate, wow, it hurts, I said to come out. Suddenly I thought of an idea, if by hand in monsters, pain, then I can use its energy consumption, so, I am in favor of my this idea, I have been use energy, laser cannons, coax her, blasting, do not hold to ultimate monster, who even, let the energy shelling in the body, he also get belch fart, finally killed the monster, my in the mind have a idea, struggle for the ideal, the ideal is what, is to use laser cannons, monster, positive not dozen, side Yin he.

After more than a month, next is the struggle for the ideal, is the laser cannon dozen monster, if a monster attack me, I will hide in the past, finally, do not hold to every monster, even a newbest monster, beria, also planted in my hand, finally, altman, ushered in the annual awards ceremony, held successfully, I very much look forward to, want to know who is the best person to play a monster, unsurprisingly, finally I proved to be the best candidate, as for the awards will be given to me, the monster was invaded again, and I in wisdom beat monster, OTT king knighted again want to give me, want to reward me five star, suddenly, FKB and dark clouds constantly.

I woke up suddenly. It was a dream.

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