Living in the Virtual World

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As modern technology surges,so does the number of people living in the virtual world .And I can imagine the result when more and more people prefer to live in the virtual world meets their needs rather than communicate with others in the real world.

With regard to this ,there are two different views.On the one hand,some people think that can enrich our life with its abundant resources.However,on the other hand,people hold the opposite opinion .They are worried that virtual world have too much badness information ,which exert a negative influence on themselves ,let alone children.What is more,it will do great harm to your ability of expression if you spend too much time wallowing it ,so much so that our relationships with others also will be destroyed.

Generally speaking,we need critical thought to distinguish with virtual world and real world .Meanwhile,we should cherish and enjoy our life and maintain good interpersonal relationships in the real world.

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