• I regret about it

    In my mind, there is one thing that really make me regret it. That day, a beautiful, sunny, clear blue skies. The weather is so good, I was very sad. Because - it was the last day of the sixth grade, not only I a person very sad, I am the...[详细]

  • Pot bag meat

    Only the delicious food, know the whereabouts of your soul; Only the delicious food, listen with your heart to tell of the stomach. Have to hurry, how much we missed the pure delicious; Tip of the finger food, the food and love in your poc...[详细]

  • Reading, feel good

    Books are the ladder of human progress, this is a famous saying of golgi, we should be no one know no one knows all. Some people think that reading is a distress thing, but Im not, I think reading is very happy, and feel good. One Saturday...[详细]

  • Talent show

    Attending TV PK Shows Does No Good toYoung People Nowadays, TV PK shows are great hits in China and have attracted a large number ofadolescents. Some youngsters even give up their studies to attend these shows in the hope ofwinning their f...[详细]

  • Air pollution

    The picture reflects the air pollution is threats our healthy day by day,everybody has to wear masks to protect themselves from the fog and haze. Therefore,we can not neglect the seriousness of air pollution. As a matter of fact,we have ma...[详细]

  • Opportunity

    Opportunities are one of the essential factors to success. As an saying goes, He who seizes the right moment, is the right man. However, opportunities are rare, and they only favor those who are well prepared often. There are plenty of opp...[详细]

  • Opportunity

    As an old saying goes: a wise man is always seizing the opportunity and turning it into success. chances are the essential, and we must firmly grasp. Opportunity is like a flower, if you grasp it in time, it will help you. Opportunity belo...[详细]



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