• I like a person

    My name is Liu Ying, 15 years old this year. Im going to introduce a person I love most, her name is rice, she is 16 years old this year, is my neighbour. She likes to read some interesting books and TV, she likes to go camping in the wild...[详细]

  • My last weekend

    On last weekend , I cleaned my room on Saturday. And I went fishing with my family.On last Sunday, I climbing mountains with my parents . I watched TV on last Sunday afteroon. I did my homework on my last Sunday evening. My last weekend wa...[详细]

  • I want to learn Chinese zither

    Hello, classmates! My name is Linda. I am a student at yu CAI middle school. So I have a very very long holiday. It makes me so happy. I decided to study a talent. This holiday I want to learn a musical instrument. I think it is very usefu...[详细]

  • Parrot

    My favourite wild animal is parrot. Its very beautiful.It can be red,green and blue. It can fly.It got a lot of feather and a pointed mouth. Its very funny....[详细]

  • My Mother

    My mother is a very ordinary person, but to give my love, but not in general. I have always been a well-built children, few are ill, so I naturally know less than mother carried me to hospital on his feelings. A mothers love here and, ther...[详细]

  • Sally

    Sally is a cute girl. She has a dog. She has a long hair. She is going to take exercise next saturday. She has lots of homework.She is going to do her homework next saturday. She like going shopping.She is going to go shopping next saturda...[详细]

  • Seasons

    Dear Lucy, Thank you for your letter.You asked me about the weather in Shanghai.So let me tell you sth about the weather here.In the spring,its warm and sunny.So many boys and girls are fly kites at park.Spring is my favorite season,I li...[详细]

  • Happy Holiday

    may day is coming. im so happy because my father and my mother take me to wu quan park this holiday. in the park, i see many trees and beautiful flowers. there are many children and many happy playing games, too.my parents take me to the z...[详细]

  • The bird and cat

    once upon a time. there was a house. beside the house there was a bird cage. one day a cat went to eat the bird, so the cat jumped and hit the bird cage. the bird cage fell down to the ground knocking the bird cages door open. the bird the...[详细]

  • My father job

    my father is a nice man. he likes to play computer games. he is an owner of a factory which produces many things .he is good at designing. he works very hard. i love him very much because, sometimes, i can help him to do something in his f...[详细]

  • Four Seasons

    there are four seasons in a year. they are spring, summer, fall and winter.spring is warm and sunny. the trees are green and flowers are beautiful. we can plant trees and run on the grass. summer is my favorite season. the weather is very...[详细]

  • My life in 10 years

    In ten years, I want to be a writer. Ill meet plenty of interested people . Im going to work by subway every. Its good for earth. I think Ill live in Beijing, because I will work there. I maybe become a famous people . Maybe I will be able...[详细]

  • my hometown

    My father had ever told me : His home was in a remote village Where flowers shed perfume in spring . Ripe fruits fall from trees. You would never have to work. live there like a paradise. At night , Between the Milk Way , The Cowshed and t...[详细]

  • Do you want to change?

    In New years, do you have many dreams?Such as having a new job or getting progress in study.Whatever you have, in my opinion, if you have a dream, you should try your best to achieve it.For example, if you want to buy a new clothes in the...[详细]

  • 我最喜欢的课程

    My favorite subject is Math,I like it very much。Some students think math is difficult,but i think math is interesting。 In my stduy time, I often practice Exercitationes,I hope to improve my Math grade。 Thanks for my math teacher, I w...[详细]


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