• A letter

    Dear Bob: My friends and I are going to go camping at 2 this Sunday afternoon.I would like to invite you to join us.Well go camping in the small park blnear the sea.Its not too mangy people.Its a wonderfui place to have a good time. This i...[详细]

  • 白雪公主续写150字

    he snow white was very happy.She loved the prince.The prince has many things to do now. Not have many time for the snow white. Snow white was sad, she says.Oh, my love,You dont have time for me as I have time for you.I love youThe prince...[详细]

  • 我的妈妈英语作文

    My mother is a junior high school teacher. She teaches English. My mother gets up at 6a.m. every day and has breakfast at 6:30a.m. She always arrives at school at 7:25 a.m. She usually has two lessesons in the morning. In the afternoon, sh...[详细]

  • The story of the ten sun

    A long time ago, there were ten sun in the sky. The weather was very very hot.Plants could not grow. Animal could not live long. There was a man. His name was Houyi. He short nine suns out of the sky. In the end, only one sun remained. The...[详细]

  • How to run faster

    I was a slow boy. Because I dont like practicing more. Since I was a child, I was a slow boy. But when I am a junior high schools student, I realized the importance of exercise. So I started to practice running. Although it is tired, I nev...[详细]

  • school life

    We go to school each day. At school ,we do many different activities. Every morning,we show respect to the flag. We stand up and face the flag. We put our right hand over our heart. And we say the Pledge of Allegiance. We learn many subjec...[详细]

  • school rules

    we have rules to follow at school. rules tell us what to do and what not to do. some rules help us get along with one another. some rules help us stay safe. you should follow the rules in the classroon. be quiet in the classroon. raise you...[详细]

  • my favourite seasons

    Someone says he likes spring,for there are many flowers. Someone says he likes summer,he can go swimming.There are lots of people who like autumn,because there are a great many fruits to eat. But l like winter. l can go skating with my fam...[详细]

  • my day

    l am a pupil,l usually get up at six oclock.Then l wash my hands and my face,clean my teeth. My mother has cooked A meal by seven oclock. After having my breakfast,l must go to school. We do morning exercises at ten oclock. we close school...[详细]

  • I like a person

    My name is Liu Ying, 15 years old this year. Im going to introduce a person I love most, her name is rice, she is 16 years old this year, is my neighbour. She likes to read some interesting books and TV, she likes to go camping in the wild...[详细]

  • My last weekend

    On last weekend , I cleaned my room on Saturday. And I went fishing with my family.On last Sunday, I climbing mountains with my parents . I watched TV on last Sunday afteroon. I did my homework on my last Sunday evening. My last weekend wa...[详细]

  • Parrot

    My favourite wild animal is parrot. Its very beautiful.It can be red,green and blue. It can fly.It got a lot of feather and a pointed mouth. Its very funny....[详细]

  • my hometown

    My father had ever told me : His home was in a remote village Where flowers shed perfume in spring . Ripe fruits fall from trees. You would never have to work. live there like a paradise. At night , Between the Milk Way , The Cowshed and t...[详细]

  • Do you want to change?

    In New years, do you have many dreams?Such as having a new job or getting progress in study.Whatever you have, in my opinion, if you have a dream, you should try your best to achieve it.For example, if you want to buy a new clothes in the...[详细]

  • 我最喜欢的课程

    My favorite subject is Math,I like it very much。Some students think math is difficult,but i think math is interesting。 In my stduy time, I often practice Exercitationes,I hope to improve my Math grade。 Thanks for my math teacher, I w...[详细]


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