• My favourite pet

    Hello. I am Jenny. Animals are people friends. I have a cat. My favourite animals is cat. Because it is very cute. It likes play small ball.It likes eating fish and it is gentle and quiet. Do you like it ? What is your favourite animals ?...[详细]

  • Have a good mood is important

    Do you think a good mood is important for us?As a modern people, our mood is like the cars which change every time on the highway.No matter what people you are,The thing accompanied with you along life is the mood and not the other thing....[详细]

  • Mid-Autumn Day

    I like autumn best. It is cool. The Mid-Autumn Day is in autumn. On that day, I can eat mooncakes with my father, my mother and my brother. Mid-Autumn Day is so nice!...[详细]

  • May

    Hi! I am Amy. I am so busy in May. I will have a singing contest on May third. I will go on a school trip on May 11th. My birthday is in May, too. It is on May 21st. I will have a birthday cake in the birthday party. I will be busy but hap...[详细]

  • Clean the house

    Today is Sunday. It is sunny. We are cleaning the house. My father is cleaning the floor. I am helping my father. My mother is cleaning the windows. We are very busy but happy today....[详细]

  • Autumn

    Hi!My name is Lucy. Today is October 1st. Its cool. The leaves is fall and fall and fall. Oh! Its very beautiful!...[详细]

  • Sunday

    Hi! I am Amy. Today is Sunday. It is sunny. It is 7 o clock now. I am eating breakfast with my father and my mother. What about Oliver? He is eating breakfast, too. We are so happy !...[详细]

  • Saturday

    Today is Saturday. It is sunny. We have a school trip on this day. I am running now. We are so happy! What about you?...[详细]

  • My day

    Today is Sunday . I often go shopping with my father and my brother . Sometimes I play ping-pong . I like play ping -pong . This sport is good . This is my day. Its very busy but happy ! 作者:林安琪...[详细]

  • The most beautiful scenery

    In your opinion, which is the most beautiful scenery?As for me I think the most beautiful scenery is watching the fireworks.And you know Japan will hold Fireworks celebration During seventh to ninth month every year.During the fireworks ce...[详细]

  • My favorite food

    Summer is coming.In this hot day, I like eating a kind of tasty food which is called sweet and sour garlic.This kind of garlic is full of water.And it tastes very click and light.We can eat it with gruel.And its very cheap and healthy for...[详细]

  • A letter

    Dear Bob: My friends and I are going to go camping at 2 this Sunday afternoon.I would like to invite you to join us.Well go camping in the small park blnear the sea.Its not too mangy people.Its a wonderfui place to have a good time. This i...[详细]

  • 白雪公主续写150字

    he snow white was very happy.She loved the prince.The prince has many things to do now. Not have many time for the snow white. Snow white was sad, she says.Oh, my love,You dont have time for me as I have time for you.I love youThe prince...[详细]

  • 我的妈妈英语作文

    My mother is a junior high school teacher. She teaches English. My mother gets up at 6a.m. every day and has breakfast at 6:30a.m. She always arrives at school at 7:25 a.m. She usually has two lessesons in the morning. In the afternoon, sh...[详细]

  • The story of the ten sun

    A long time ago, there were ten sun in the sky. The weather was very very hot.Plants could not grow. Animal could not live long. There was a man. His name was Houyi. He short nine suns out of the sky. In the end, only one sun remained. The...[详细]


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