• Potatoes readme

    My shape is round, I always yellow coat, encrusted with a lot of small black spots, took off his coat, just show me golden skin, she can be valuable, she is good nutrition than soybean protein, the most close to the animals, and potassium,...[详细]

  • The birthday

    Today is my birthday, Im going to let my father bought me a birthday cake, but he is late from work, just bought me a duck, mom went to buy vegetables, also bought me some stuff, by the way, grandma said a white line you want for your birt...[详细]

  • For the first time cooking

    Today, I learn how to cook at home with my mother. I wash the good rice cooker first, put two cups of rice, add some water to rub a rub, pour out the water. Flushing put some water, and then poured some water, and then, put some good water...[详细]

  • A happy day

    Tomorrow, I today is Lantern Festival night I guess riddles I mom and dad take me to go to square the first was not award the second got a panda, a third had a monkey. Behind my dad take me to tour the Yellow River! Have Huang Heshi have t...[详细]

  • Set off firecrackers

    In the morning, she heard scratching firecrackers outside the window, my father and I hurriedly put ten thousand loud firecrackers get out, Im covering her ears time ran home. In the evening, my brother and a seaside together to put firecr...[详细]

  • Intense game

    In the evening, my father, my mother, to watch the Olympic badminton mens singles championship match. The first game, Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei played very intense, because too many mistakes lindane, therefore, the first lost. Second, beca...[详细]

  • Visit the new house

    Today,we went to visit the new houses which are on sale.These new houses are very beautiful.My uncle wants to buy one of it.Though the house is not cheap,My uncle also wants to buy it to provide for the aged.We also a bit want to buy a ho...[详细]

  • Don't watch tv too much

    Perhaps many people like watching tv when they are boring.As you know, it is a waste of our time.Reading the newspapers or learning English is more helpful than watching tv. According to the survey,many students spend one or two hours per...[详细]

  • My new year's dream

    The new year is coming.And in the new year, I have three dreams to achieve. Firstly, I want to pass the English exam.In order to achieve it,I will spend half an hour to practice the English.Secondly,I want to practice flute and Guzheng.I h...[详细]

  • The meaning of listening to the music

    I like listening to the music.Because music not only can let me feel relaxed, but also made me feel happy.When listening to the music ,I can do other things, like running, and swimming.It can save more time for me to study.Differently from...[详细]

  • The first clothe I bought

    Yesterday,I bought a new clothe for myself.Its the first clothe I use the money earned by myself to buy.It spent 100 yuan.Although it was not cheap,I sill bought it because I want to buy this clothe for a long time.I was so happy because I...[详细]



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