I like history lesson

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Which lesson do you like most? I think different person has different answer. As for me the answer is definite history. I like history since I am very little when my grandma told me the stories of the great historic person such as Chairman Mao, Yuefei, Simaguang.

Some people maybe think that history is boring and hard because it has so much persons and accidents to remember. But I am very interested in it. All the people and accidents are just like the heroes in the stories that grandma told me. And reading history is just like making friend with them. Is it hard to remmenber your friend?

Some people think that history is the past and it is useless to daily life. I don't think so. Looking into past may help us to understand future better. History is a good teacher for us to let us know which is right and which is wrong and help us to live a happy life.

We all can benefit from history,so I like it.


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