• A Campus Book Fair

    Nowadays,my school has held up an activity named campus book fair. The aim of the activity is to provide students with a changce to exchange their books.Students can sell the books which they have already read. By the activity,we can use t...[详细]

  • How my school life has changed

    My school life has changed a lot since this term. We dont need to get to school early. We begin our lessons at eight oclock. We can get enough sleep. At school we have at least one hour for sports to relax ourselves every day. After the se...[详细]

  • MP3 and MP4 Among Students

    Mp3 and Mp4 are quite popular among us students now. Some teachers and parents are worried about this. They think listening to Mp3 and Mp4 can get in the way of school work, because some of us only use them to listen to music or watch movi...[详细]

  • Computer Games

    Computer games is a hot topic nowadays. Some people hold that it is bad. And others hold that it is good. In my view, whether good or bad is determined by the players. If one plays computer game properly in his spare time, computer games c...[详细]

  • I like history lesson

    Which lesson do you like most? I think different person has different answer. As for me the answer is definite history. I like history since I am very little when my grandma told me the stories of the great historic person such as Chairman...[详细]

  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of the WeChat

    Nowadays,more and more people start to use the WeChat.It is just a kind of APP which can be used to communciate. There are many advantages of the WeChat.On the one hand,it helps people to get closer.People use it to chat,which helps them t...[详细]

  • A letter to Ted

    Dear Ted, Im writing to tell you that our school English newspaper wants a part time English editor. This work is not difficult.You just need to write the reports of the news.When the reports are OK.You just need to check them carefully.An...[详细]

  • A letter to the headmaster

    Dear Headmaster, I am very glad to write to you. These days we are talking about how to make our school more beautiful. Here are some of my suggestions. First, a library with a lot of interesting books in it should be built, so that we can...[详细]

  • A Letter to My Teacher

    Dear Miss Zhang, How time flies! My life in junior school will come to an end soon. Life was happy in the past three years but one bad thing in my mind is that I failed an important exam last year. I didnt prepare for the exam because I pl...[详细]

  • My Deskmate

    Tom,a short boy, is my deskmate. We are good friends. In our spare time, we often play basketball or go to some parties. He is a clever boy,but he often forgets things. He invited me to see a film named American Cap 3. I was very happy and...[详细]

  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones

    These days,smartphones are widely used around the world.The smartphones have already made a great effect on our lives. Smartphones have great advantages.Many people use it to surf the Internet.Getting imformation is easier and easier by th...[详细]

  • A letter

    Dear Sir, Im Li Hua.I see this notice online by accident,but I want to be a teaching assistant very much.I belive the work can widen my knowledge,enrich my life and improve my woring ability.In short,I think it a job worth doing. I think I...[详细]

  • After reading the sense of the Notre Dame de Paris

    These days,I have read a classic book named Notre Dame de Paris.Its such a fascinating story that I even couldnt put it down. Victor Hugoa famous writer lived in France had written it.He was a famous French poet and novelist in nineteeth c...[详细]

  • A happy day

    Spring festival is a meaningful holiday in China where people stay with family happily.The most happy thing that I gone through in this years festival is that I enjoyed hot spring with my family in February. On that day,I and my family pla...[详细]



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