• The little student of countryside

    As we all known, the improvement of countryside is slower than that of city . The education of countryside, has a lot of disadvantage which is bad for those students who are born in countryside. In class, though there is a teacher,they sti...[详细]

  • Why we need to learn knowledge?

    Study is our students personality.But many students will ask, why we must learn knowledge. Is knowledge so important to us?If we dont need to pass the exam, should we still need the knowledge? As I am concerned, study is not only a persona...[详细]

  • How do I get to the zoo from home

    Hi,I am Helen.I live in a neiborhood. There is a zoo near my home.Ilike going there.To get to there,just go along the street and turn right when you see the bank. The zoo is across from the restaurtant.In the zoo,we can see many animals.I...[详细]

  • A good trip

    It was sunny and warm today.I went to Uncles farm with my parents.We took a bus there.It took us about 20 minutes. On the farm my mother milked the cows and watered the flowers.My father picked some strawberries and we took them home in th...[详细]

  • My best friend

    Bob is my best friend.Now let me tell you what he looks like. He is a really handsome boy.He is 1.80 m tall.But he is not heavy. He has short black hair.He also has a round face with two big eyes.He is good at playing basketball.He wants t...[详细]

  • My name is Lin Anqi

    My name is Lin Anqi. Im a smart little girl, and Im still a math expert! From grade 1 to now, I was the representative of the math class in my class! And this time, Im even better at the final exam! All three times are number one, level on...[详细]

  • Protect Animals

    Every man know elephants. But do you know now the elephants are becoming fewer and fewer. Its a serious problem. Let me tell you about the elephants. Elephant are the biggest mammal on land. They can live up to 80 years.They are so cute.Th...[详细]

  • Dog

    I have a friend who is a dog called Tony.He is a lovely dog.When I return home,He always wait for me sitting in the front of the gate of my home.On seeing me,He runs around me. He is four years old,but the he is still little.He always make...[详细]

  • Car

    With the improvement of technology,car is more and more popular with the people.Today having to say car is playing an important part in our life. We can go anywhere we want to go driving car.It is comfortable for us to stay in the car,no m...[详细]

  • Love

    There is all kinds of love in the world. The friendship is a kind of love.Most of the people have one or more friends.When they are in trouble,Their friends will lend a favor.Friends are helpful when we deal with all kinds of difficulties....[详细]

  • Favorite idol

    Every people has his own idol, my favorite is Huo Jian Hua.Though he is very famous, but he never shares his own private life.He even doesnt have Micro blog.When the reporter asked him why, he answered that He doesnt like, to share many pr...[详细]

  • A letter to Mike

    Dear Mike, Im very happy that know you are coming to there.Now let me tell you something about the weather there. The weather is different in different time.In spring,the weather is warm,just right fly a kite.In summer,it is very hot.We ca...[详细]

  • How do our classmates go to school

    Hi,Im Helen.Im a middle school student.In my class,there are thirty-eight students.How do they get to school every day?Let mw tell you. Seventeen of them take buses because they live far from the school.Six students walk.Thet think walking...[详细]

  • My family

    This is my family.My father is thirty-five.He likes play soccer,but he cant play it very well.He is in a swimming club.My mother doesnt like sports very much but she often watch them on TV.She likes music very much.She can sing and dance.S...[详细]

  • Mother's Day

    Today was May 11th .It was important because it was Mothers Day.I helped my mum to clean the room.I also helped my mum to cook.After that,I know my mum was very hard.So I bought a gift for her and said,Happy Mothers Day to you.I love you,m...[详细]


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