• 112life in the future

    What do you think life in the future will be like? In the future,there will have kinds of robots. They can do everything that people cant do .I think i will have my own robots. It can help me wash clother and clean my room .They would be i...[详细]

  • 112My favorite teacher

    Mrs.Wang is my favorite teacher.She is of medium height and has long straight black hair.Do you know why I like her?So let me tell you. In the first place,she is very patient with us.When I am in trouble ,she always encourages me.Therefore...[详细]

  • 112My free time

    Totay was a beautiful day. Because I went to Sanya with my family. The weather was sunny and hot. We dicided to go to the beach near our hotal. My sister and I went swimming. It was so excllent. For lunch, we ate some sea food. It was very...[详细]

  • 112Dear luyu

    Dear luyu, In my eyes,Dear yuan is considered to be a pioneer for all people. Dear yuan is a scientist and he is a 87 years old .He graduated from Southwest Agricultural College.He developed a super hybrid rice, called the father of hybrid...[详细]

  • 112Mother's Day

    Good moning everybody! Its my honour to stand here and make a speech about Monther Day The monthers day originate in ancient Greece,and the mothers day is the second sunday in may every day.The mothers day is celebrate mothers day work and...[详细]

  • 小黄车的英语作文

    最近很多大城市都投放了共享单车(shared bikes),比如摩拜单车(Mobike)、Ofo共享单车等。由于它们方便停放,骑车也能起到锻炼身体的作用,作为代步工具很受大家欢迎。但是,各地也出现了很多毁车现象,比如刮掉车上的二维码(QR code)、上私锁等。你对这种...[详细]

  • my unforgettable experience

    I was glad to visit Beijing when I listened the news from my parents last year.We have visited The Museum Palace and eaten lots of delicious food,such as : Beijing nuo mi fan.Theres only one thing I havent to do,eaten Beijing rock duck.Tha...[详细]

  • My low--Carbon Life

    In recent years,the surrounding environmental of us that has been seriously damaged .For instance,the forest has been destroyed,more and more trees are cut down ,water and air are polluted,which has an affection on our life.Therefore, as a...[详细]

  • The Dragon Boat Festival

    My favourite festival is the Dragon Boat Festival. It is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year. People celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival to remember Qu Yuan. People always eat rice dumplings and have dragon boat races. I li...[详细]

  • My favourite festival

    My favourite festival is the Spring Festival. It is on the first day of the first lunar month every year. People celebrate the Spring Festival to welcome the new year.People always wear new clothes to celebrate the Spring Festival . I like...[详细]

  • My favourite city

    Shanghai is my hometown. It is a beautiful city. It is in the east of China. You can see Jin Mao Tower, the Bund and a lot of shopping malls in Shanghai.Tourists usually visit those places. They usually go to the Bund. They usually go shop...[详细]

  • A letter to Amy

    Dear Army: How are you?I`m happy to tell you something about my lifestyle. I get up at six.At six twenty.I have breakfast.I usually have an egg.a piece of bread and a glass of milk.This helps me start the day well.Next ,I run for twenty mi...[详细]

  • The Movie’s Tip

    Annie is an abandoned girl who was abandoned in front of the restaurant named Domani. After, she was adopted by a woman who called Colleen that was a terrible people. Through the movie that I knew Annie is an influential girl and she has h...[详细]

  • My favorite animals

    Hello,Im Helen.My teacher says, Animals are our friends,we live in the same world. If you ask, do you like animals? My answer isYes.I like animals a lot. Then you can guess whats my favorite animals. Its a symbol of china and its only form...[详细]

  • a letter to Dr.Know

    Dear Dr. Know, How are you? This is my first day at school.The school is strict with us in studying Its a good school..But there are too many rules.Ⅰthink they are much too terrible. Now I will tell you some of the rules. At school,we mus...[详细]


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