• My favorite flower

    I like jasmine not because it has stunning beauty, but because it gives off elegance andfragrance. Such plain beauty is the right thing to characterize Chinese culture. Never showing off, it stands out strikingly among much more colorful p...[详细]

  • The Internet

    The Internet is very useful in our daily life. We can use the Internet to send e-mails to friends and talk with friends online. The Internet is also used for downloading information. However, some of us only use the Internet to play comput...[详细]

  • My Dream

    Yesterday, we had a discussion. The topic isWhat is my dream?Everyone has his dream. Some want to be teachers,others want to be scientists. My dream is to become a doctor. My friends asked me why. I told them my story. When I was a small b...[详细]

  • The first present I got in the new year

    Last year I have written a lot of papers in this website.One day,I saw a essay competition on the websites.I decided to try my best to write.At the beginning,I was puzzled to decide what to write.Suddenly,a new idea came to me.I was inspi...[详细]

  • The school sports meeting

    Sunday,spet.20th Rainy Our school held a sports meeting last week. Our class took part in many events: relay race, long distance race, jumping and so on. At that time, the weather was light rain, but we still try their best to get good gra...[详细]

  • We should protect the marine organisms

    Today,I saw a shop was selling the coral when I walk on the street.I was very angry.Perhaps many people still dont know that selling coral is illegal abroad expect in Indonesia.Because Indonesia is so poor that it has to earn money throug...[详细]

  • Don't eat too much

    According to the survey, China has been the country which has the largest population of heavy people.Traditionally,when mentioning the heavy people, we always consider the united states as the country has the most population of it.But now...[详细]

  • My part-time job

    During the spring festival,I still write papers and translate English into Chinese.I have been doing this for a month,though the money I get from this is very small,I consist doing that.Because I am still a student then I want to learn som...[详细]



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