• My low--Carbon Life

    In recent years,the surrounding environmental of us that has been seriously damaged .For instance,the forest has been destroyed,more and more trees are cut down ,water and air are polluted,which has an affection on our life.Therefore, as a...[详细]

  • How to learn English well?

    How to learn English well? How to learn English?Do you know?Here is some advice on me: You should listen to the radio and listhe to the music.You can learn many new words from it.But you cant understand every word.You only need to listen t...[详细]

  • Environmental

    Today the quality of our natural environment has become an important issue. The world population is rising so quickly that the world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources and at the same time polluting our environme...[详细]

  • 英语日记

    Today my brother and I sit long car home, because tomorrow will go to the school reports. I dont like to sit bus, because I am carsick, cant eat something in the car, sitting in the car one day I will be very uncomfortable, I dont like thi...[详细]

  • People in Mars

    Our spaceship landed in Mars in last year . The spaceship discovered people on Mars , it was happy and exciting to this . Why have the people on Mars are comfortable and enjoyable . And they dont like the earth , because the environment of...[详细]

  • Travelled to beijing

    Beijing is in the north of China , and its the capital of China . Lots of tourists visit Beijing every year . Beijing is a small but beautiful and busy city . It has a big population and many famous places . For exzample : The Summer Palac...[详细]

  • Go to Beijing

    Yesterday, I went to Tiananmen square in Beijing with my friend Wang Ming and Li Lei. We visited the monument to the peoples heroes, the Great Hall of the people, National Museum and some places of historic interest. At first, there were n...[详细]

  • A day

    This morning,I get up early and go out.On the way of practicing car,I thought a lot about these days. I find it important for me to learn what I want.After ten minutes,I arrive there. My coach gives me some helps.He tells me to do more and...[详细]

  • The Dragon Boat Festival

    My favourite festival is the Dragon Boat Festival. It is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every year. People celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival to remember Qu Yuan. People always eat rice dumplings and have dragon boat races. I li...[详细]

  • My favourite festival

    My favourite festival is the Spring Festival. It is on the first day of the first lunar month every year. People celebrate the Spring Festival to welcome the new year.People always wear new clothes to celebrate the Spring Festival . I like...[详细]

  • My favourite city

    Shanghai is my hometown. It is a beautiful city. It is in the east of China. You can see Jin Mao Tower, the Bund and a lot of shopping malls in Shanghai.Tourists usually visit those places. They usually go to the Bund. They usually go shop...[详细]

  • A letter to Amy

    Dear Army: How are you?I`m happy to tell you something about my lifestyle. I get up at six.At six twenty.I have breakfast.I usually have an egg.a piece of bread and a glass of milk.This helps me start the day well.Next ,I run for twenty mi...[详细]

  • The Movie’s Tip

    Annie is an abandoned girl who was abandoned in front of the restaurant named Domani. After, she was adopted by a woman who called Colleen that was a terrible people. Through the movie that I knew Annie is an influential girl and she has h...[详细]

  • My favorite animals

    Hello,Im Helen.My teacher says, Animals are our friends,we live in the same world. If you ask, do you like animals? My answer isYes.I like animals a lot. Then you can guess whats my favorite animals. Its a symbol of china and its only form...[详细]

  • a letter to Dr.Know

    Dear Dr. Know, How are you? This is my first day at school.The school is strict with us in studying Its a good school..But there are too many rules.Ⅰthink they are much too terrible. Now I will tell you some of the rules. At school,we mus...[详细]


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