• Study abroad

    Today more and more people want to apply for studying abroad as economy develops constantly. Because people think they can accept better education. However, there are still many controversies about the issue. Some people agree with the ide...[详细]

  • 112高考英语满分作文

    假设你是李华,你在报上看到北京电视台今年七月将举办外国人学中文,唱中文歌才艺大赛。你的美国朋友Peter正在北京一所大学学中文,你觉得他应去试一试。请按以下要点给他写信告知此事,并表示可以提供帮助。 比赛时间:7 月18日 。报名时间:截止到6月30日...[详细]

  • Helping Those People Who Need Helps

    As the economy develops constantly, our lives have a great changed. But we cant ignore that some people are still poor and cant hold on their families. I think it is necessary to help those underprivileged people. Maybe some people will co...[详细]

  • The phenomenon

    There is a phenomenon that many students are stricted with their parents in studying. As we all known, many parents are excepts stop their child from doing some things, such as sufering the net, playing games with friends and so on. Some s...[详细]

  • 112Keep Fit

    Health is far more important than wealth. Health is very important for our life,it is our basic thing.Health is more important than any money or other things.Health can make us enjoy our life and fighting for our dreams. There are lots of...[详细]

  • 112环保英语作文200字

    With the development of science and technology,global warming is becoming the focus of human beings.Some measures should be taken to protect our planet. To begin with,its essential to save energy because of limited natural resources.For in...[详细]

  • 共享单车的利与弊英语作文

    About three decades ago, China was known as the Bicycle Kingdom. But the two-wheeled mode (方式) of transports popularity began to fade, with many bikes soon replaced by their fuel-powered competitors. 大约30年前,中国被称为自行车王国。但...[详细]

  • 112life in the future

    What do you think life in the future will be like? In the future,there will have kinds of robots. They can do everything that people cant do .I think i will have my own robots. It can help me wash clother and clean my room .They would be i...[详细]

  • 112My favorite teacher

    Mrs.Wang is my favorite teacher.She is of medium height and has long straight black hair.Do you know why I like her?So let me tell you. In the first place,she is very patient with us.When I am in trouble ,she always encourages me.Therefore...[详细]

  • 112My free time

    Totay was a beautiful day. Because I went to Sanya with my family. The weather was sunny and hot. We dicided to go to the beach near our hotal. My sister and I went swimming. It was so excllent. For lunch, we ate some sea food. It was very...[详细]

  • 112Dear luyu

    Dear luyu, In my eyes,Dear yuan is considered to be a pioneer for all people. Dear yuan is a scientist and he is a 87 years old .He graduated from Southwest Agricultural College.He developed a super hybrid rice, called the father of hybrid...[详细]

  • 112Mother's Day

    Good moning everybody! Its my honour to stand here and make a speech about Monther Day The monthers day originate in ancient Greece,and the mothers day is the second sunday in may every day.The mothers day is celebrate mothers day work and...[详细]

  • 小黄车的英语作文

    最近很多大城市都投放了共享单车(shared bikes),比如摩拜单车(Mobike)、Ofo共享单车等。由于它们方便停放,骑车也能起到锻炼身体的作用,作为代步工具很受大家欢迎。但是,各地也出现了很多毁车现象,比如刮掉车上的二维码(QR code)、上私锁等。你对这种...[详细]

  • A letter

    Dear Bob: My friends and I are going to go camping at 2 this Sunday afternoon.I would like to invite you to join us.Well go camping in the small park blnear the sea.Its not too mangy people.Its a wonderfui place to have a good time. This i...[详细]

  • 白雪公主续写150字

    he snow white was very happy.She loved the prince.The prince has many things to do now. Not have many time for the snow white. Snow white was sad, she says.Oh, my love,You dont have time for me as I have time for you.I love youThe prince...[详细]


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