• A Campus Book Fair

    Nowadays,my school has held up an activity named campus book fair. The aim of the activity is to provide students with a changce to exchange their books.Students can sell the books which they have already read. By the activity,we can use t...[详细]

  • Air pollution

    The picture reflects the air pollution is threats our healthy day by day,everybody has to wear masks to protect themselves from the fog and haze. Therefore,we can not neglect the seriousness of air pollution. As a matter of fact,we have ma...[详细]

  • My Holiday Plans

    Weve been busy working in the past three years. The summer holiday is coming and I want to do something interesting and relaxing. First of all, Im going to visit my grandparents because I havent been with them for a long time. Next, I plan...[详细]

  • Resource conservation initiative

    Hello, everyone! The whole world is short of energy. Saving the energy is very important. As a student, we can do a lot in our daily life. For example, we should keep the light off when we dont use it. We should take a shower instead of ba...[详细]

  • How my school life has changed

    My school life has changed a lot since this term. We dont need to get to school early. We begin our lessons at eight oclock. We can get enough sleep. At school we have at least one hour for sports to relax ourselves every day. After the se...[详细]

  • MP3 and MP4 Among Students

    Mp3 and Mp4 are quite popular among us students now. Some teachers and parents are worried about this. They think listening to Mp3 and Mp4 can get in the way of school work, because some of us only use them to listen to music or watch movi...[详细]

  • Computer Games

    Computer games is a hot topic nowadays. Some people hold that it is bad. And others hold that it is good. In my view, whether good or bad is determined by the players. If one plays computer game properly in his spare time, computer games c...[详细]

  • I like history lesson

    Which lesson do you like most? I think different person has different answer. As for me the answer is definite history. I like history since I am very little when my grandma told me the stories of the great historic person such as Chairman...[详细]

  • My favorite flower

    I like jasmine not because it has stunning beauty, but because it gives off elegance andfragrance. Such plain beauty is the right thing to characterize Chinese culture. Never showing off, it stands out strikingly among much more colorful p...[详细]

  • The Internet

    The Internet is very useful in our daily life. We can use the Internet to send e-mails to friends and talk with friends online. The Internet is also used for downloading information. However, some of us only use the Internet to play comput...[详细]

  • My Dream

    Yesterday, we had a discussion. The topic isWhat is my dream?Everyone has his dream. Some want to be teachers,others want to be scientists. My dream is to become a doctor. My friends asked me why. I told them my story. When I was a small b...[详细]

  • Potatoes readme

    My shape is round, I always yellow coat, encrusted with a lot of small black spots, took off his coat, just show me golden skin, she can be valuable, she is good nutrition than soybean protein, the most close to the animals, and potassium,...[详细]

  • The birthday

    Today is my birthday, Im going to let my father bought me a birthday cake, but he is late from work, just bought me a duck, mom went to buy vegetables, also bought me some stuff, by the way, grandma said a white line you want for your birt...[详细]

  • For the first time cooking

    Today, I learn how to cook at home with my mother. I wash the good rice cooker first, put two cups of rice, add some water to rub a rub, pour out the water. Flushing put some water, and then poured some water, and then, put some good water...[详细]

  • A happy day

    Tomorrow, I today is Lantern Festival night I guess riddles I mom and dad take me to go to square the first was not award the second got a panda, a third had a monkey. Behind my dad take me to tour the Yellow River! Have Huang Heshi have t...[详细]


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