• I am so sad

    Sunday,July9,2017 Sunny My happy summer vacation begins, but I get a high fever. I don not know why. When I wake up in the morning, I feel tired and there is a headache in my heart. It is hard for me to open my eyes. I try hard to wake up...[详细]

  • A Lovely Cat

    Saturday,Aug5,2017 Sunny Today,I want to a good friends house.He has a lovely cat called cherry.I love it very much. It is special. Its fur was white. The tail was long like a braid. It has two triangular ears. When we were havingdinner, i...[详细]

  • 关于交通拥挤的建议

    Dear editor, Im writing to you to talk about the heavy traffic. In recent years,with the development becoming faster and faster,the traffic also becomes worse and worse,it has already had an effect on peoples live and the development of ec...[详细]

  • 给外国友人的一封信

    Dear Leslie, How is everything going?There is a plan about next lesson. The lesson will be held in our school,it will begin at 7:00a.m.The lesson mainly about learning the poems in Tang Dynasty.As we all know,the poems in Tang Dynasty are...[详细]

  • Health is important

    Nowadays, more and more people is concerned about health.Though many people know the importance of health, they dont know how to keep health.In other words, they always do things that are unhealthy.For example,They play computer games or c...[详细]

  • Does becoming successful so important?

    Nowadays, more and more people are pursuing success.Even many people give up many things to pursue success.Does become successful so important? Besides becoming successful,getting the spiritual satisfaction is so important.Reading a book,...[详细]

  • 李华邀请外教的书信

    Dear Henry, How is everything going?Here is good news for you that there will be held a paper-cutting show.I konw you are interested in the traditional Chinese paper-cutting,so I want to invite you to visit it with me. The show will be hel...[详细]

  • The little student of countryside

    As we all known, the improvement of countryside is slower than that of city . The education of countryside, has a lot of disadvantage which is bad for those students who are born in countryside. In class, though there is a teacher,they sti...[详细]

  • Why we need to learn knowledge?

    Study is our students personality.But many students will ask, why we must learn knowledge. Is knowledge so important to us?If we dont need to pass the exam, should we still need the knowledge? As I am concerned, study is not only a persona...[详细]

  • A major advantage of a long holiday

    Most of us are happy to have long holidays, such as Labor Day, National Day and Spring Festival. However, quite a few people think it is not beneficial for us to have too many holidays, because many people cant pay attention to their work...[详细]

  • Cooperation is more important

    Some people think that a sense of competition in children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to cooperate rather than compete become more useful adults. I agreed with the latter. The reasons why students shou...[详细]

  • On volunteer work

    It is common for students to do volunteer work. However, some people think it will waste much time of students to study. I dont agree with them. As far as I am concerned, volunteer work brings more benefits than problems to students. The r...[详细]

  • Due attention should be given to the study of Chinese

    In recent years, some students neglect the study of Chinese, thinking that it is not important. Students pay more attention to English instead of Chinese. More and more students want to go abroad for studying other cultures. Such sights ar...[详细]

  • Due attention should be given to spelling

    Spelling is very important in English learning. But nowadays, quite some students ignore spelling errors. Students dont know how to spell the words which are used frequently. Students also spell the wrong words which are difficult to spell...[详细]

  • Is a test of spoken English necessary?

    Many people believe that a test of spoken English is necessary for students, but others dont agree. Some students might think they will not need to speak English in the future. I dont agree with these students, having a test of spoken Engl...[详细]


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